Our Services​

1.Application and support for person from abroad

​・Application for Change of Status of Residence

・Application for Extension of Period of Stay

・Application for Permission to Acquire Status of Residence

・Application for Permanent Residence

・Application for Re-entry Permit

・Application for Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under     the Status of Residence Previously Granted

・Application for Certificate of Authorized Employment

・Application for Certificate of Eligibility

​・Application for Naturalization

・Application for Re-entry Permit

​・Support of international marriage

​ Inquiries on matters other than the above are also welcome. Please feel free to     contact us.

2.Application for business Licenses and subsidy


・Application for Construction Business License

・Application for Business License of Industrial Waste Collectors and Transporters

​・Application for Registration of Demolition Work

・Application for Business License of Real Estate Brokerage

・Application for Business License of  Travel Agency

・Application for Business License of Amusement Businesses

・Application for Business License of Antique Dealer

​・Application for Diversion of Agricultural Land

​・Application for Subsidy

 Inquiries on matters other than the above are also welcome. Please feel free to     contact us.

3.Apostille and Official seals

​・Application for Apostille and Official seals


・Translation of documents such as an application form to be presented to the government offices and contract documents

​ Please feel free to contact us about translation language except English, Spanish and Portuguese.

5.Preparation of Contact, Will and Agreement on Division of Inheritance

・Preparation of Contract

・Support of Making a Will

・Support of Agreement on Division of Inheritance

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