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​About TERA Gyosei-shoshi Law Firm

TERA Gyosei-shoshi Law Firm is an international Gyosei-shoshi Law Firm that serves international companies and people as Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist. 

We have been serving them - large and small - throughout Japan, and in many foreign countries.   

We have a office in Nagoya, Japan and offer clients a sophisticated, multi-faceted service practice that addresses their diverse and complex needs with vision, expertise and a commitment to quality and service.


TERA Gyosei-shoshi Law Firm works collaboratively to assist clients in achieving personal and business goals, supporting all of applications, and handling administrative procedures  matters. We are our clients' trusted advisers and our goal in every matter is to deliver excellent counseling. We strive to know our clients' businesses and be the best partner each client could have.

TERA Gyosei-shoshi Law Firm


Takakazu Terazawa


Takakazu Terazawa

・Born in Ichinomiya-city, Aichi-ken
・Graduated department of agricultural science in Meijo University.

​・Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist
​​・Real Estate Notary
・Member of Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Our commitment extends beyond meeting application needs to foreseeing problems, identifying opportunities and offering innovative solutions to support achieve the success of all of clients. 

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